'GPhone' on Sale Next Month, T-Mobile Sued Over iPhone Exclusivity

Silicon Alley Insider has pics of the first Android phone to hit the market. It's really not a mainstream device at all but goes on sale next month apparently.

And in Germany, the iPhone's deal with T-Mobile faces legal challenges over its exclusivity. Vodafone Deutschland has filed for an injunction against T-Mobile and is challenging its right to be the exclusive seller of the iPhone in Germany.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Vodafone said it has no plans to issue further injunctions against rivals exclusively selling the iPhone. "We're not taking any plans to replicate these actions anywhere else, or in the U.K.," a Vodafone spokesman said. "It's a different regulatory environment. We believe it's more to do with a breach of local German laws."

Yesterday, Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin criticized the iPhone as a "pretty poor experience." Vodafone lost out to Telefonica's 02 to be the exclusive UK distributor of the device. Hence the criticism -- and possibly the litigation.


Here's more from Reuters.