Nuance Launches GPS Voice Search for BlackBerry

Voice search and speech services provider Nuance announced that its Voice Control application is now available for BlackBerry phones. The subscription-based Voice Control is a "one-click mobile search and messaging application" that uses the phone's GPS capabilities to minimize user input requirements.

The multi-modal application allows people to verbally ask for nearby business categories (using GPS) and see results displayed on screen, together with maps, etc. There's also a similar turn-by-turn directions capability.

Dial Directions offers some of the same functionality but without the GPS requirement (and doesn't have mulit-modality right now).

The growing list of mobile voice-search services and providers, including Goog411, 800-Free411, Tellme, 800-YellowPages, CallGenie and V-Enable reflect that voice will play a significant role in the mainstreaming of local search on mobile devices. Ultimately multi-modal applications with a voice option or front end will be the norm across applications.