Pongr Joins Everypoint's Developer Program

Even though the iPhone, Android and, to some extent new WebOS from Palm have captured the hearts, minds and resources of application developers, Java remains the common denominator for running apps that serve the hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers with "feature phones". That's why it is noteworthy that Pongr - with an "image recognition and price comparison" application that already runs on the iPhone, Blackberry and low-end (text-only) phones, has joined the developer network operated by Java specialist Everypoint. It highlights the developer's dilemma when looking to reach the maximum number of subscribers worldwide with "rich" applications.

Pongr supports comparison shopping by allowing shoppers to use their mobile phone to do global price checks. For text-only shoppers, it keys off of a manually entered bar code. For phones equipped with cameras, it will key off of an image of the item that a shopper is looking at. The service then allows the shopper to buy the item from his or her phone, or through MyPongr.com, its on-line portal. Turning to Everypoint to extend its footprint reflects some dissatisfaction with the reach provided by a decidedly bi-modal strategy. SMS may prove too clunky, while high-end smartphones may remains too exclusive. In this case, support of Java through a device-neutral platform may be just right.