Rumor: 30% of VZW iPhone Buyers Android Owners

According to a post in Boy Genius Report an "insider" revealed that Verizon's iPhone launch was a disappointment after its "record-breaking" pre-orders. The number of pre-orders was identified in the post at "around 550,000 units." About half a million units appears to be the consensus. 

Most interesting to me, however, were the "statistics on who’s buying Verizon iPhones." According to the same tipster:

Others declined to indicate or couldn't be identified.

Let's assume all of the above numbers are correct. What are the takeaways or conclusions to be drawn? 

Some have speculated that all the discussion and rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 are partly to blame for short lines at stores and potentially these disappointing iPhone 4 sales. From anecdotal conversations I've had with people there appears to be some truth to this. 

Certainly the iPhone 4 isn't new and doesn't have the same excitement surrounding that it did nine months ago. Has the iPhone brand lost some of its luster as Android phones have become better and flooded the market? It's probably less the iPhone brand than the particular model. 

However, the numbers above do seem to validate some of the pre-launch surveys that argued some percentage of Android and RIM users would defect to iPhone. 

Given that the numbers above are hearsay and rumor we'll have to wait for more official indications or reliable third party estimates to get a better sense of what's really happening. It may well be that the much-discussed pent-up demand at Verizon was expressed in the crush of pre-orders and everyone else is either happy with what they have or waiting for iPhone 5.