Google: A Million Users for Latitude in Week One

According to an item published in FierceMobileContent, "more than a million wireless subscribers signed up for Google's new mobile friend finder Latitude in its first week according to Vic Gundotra, the web services giant's vice president of engineering." Gundotra was speaking on a panel at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

That's an amazing number and reflective of Google's immense reach. And it predates release of the iPhone version. 

Here's our previous post on Latitude when it launched. We've also written a client-only report on it.

Ultimately, "mobile social networking" will be dominated by several sites with an established online presence and audience critical mass. A "social layer," however, will be present on most mobile applications and smaller mobile networks may be able to survive or even thrive with focused and unique services or functionality. 

Those existing smaller players that simply duplicate or seek to recreate the offerings of larger or established entities will have difficulty gaining mainstream adoption given the push of Facebook, MySpace and players like Google into the segment.