Mobile to Make Twitter 'Ubiquitous'

Someone said to me last week that he thought Twitter was "primarily a desktop thing." If you listened to last week's Stephen Colbert interview of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, you'd have heard how mobile-centric Twitter actually is, from inception to its future ambition.

Much of the discussion of whether Twitter came from and where it's going focused on mobile phones. 

The inspiration behind Twitter is instant messaging "connected to mobile texting such that it was available everywhere -- totally ubiquitious," said Stone. 

Where do the 140 characters come from? SMS messaging according to Stone: "The limit on texts are 160 characters and we wanted to reserve a little bit of room for a username."  And he specifically cites mobile as part of the larger growth strategy for the company. "There are over four billion mobile phones," observed Stone. 

Though not asked, Stone impliedly rejects the notion of an acquisition: "We're going to become a strong, profitable independent company."