MySpace Putting New Emphasis on Mobile

MySpace, now the number two social network on a global basis, is saying that it expects 50% of its traffic "in a few years" to come from mobile devices. In that spirit the company announced a new mobile site as well as deals this week with Nokia and Palm. It's trying to integrate with all major smartphone platforms.

Currently, according to reports, 15% of MySpace's traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Facebook has said it has four million active daily users via mobile devices and 25 million mobile users overall.

Mobile social networking (or more precisely mobile access to social networks) is still relatively novel but gaining in popularity. Established online networks such as Facebook and MySpace are likely to dominate the field though a small number of mobile-only networks may breakout and succeed -- or may be acquired for their platforms. 


Related: MySpace's $900 million contract with Google ends next year, with MySpace revenues to suffer as a result in all likelihood. If MySpace suddenly offers a ton of mobile page impressions that it seeks to monetize it may contribute to a potential mobile ad inventory glut, similar to online display advertising -- driving prices down.