A Facebook 'Q&A' Product in the Works?

The AllFacebook blog reports that Facebook is testing a new "questions" product similar to Quora (or Aardvark, ChaCha, kgb or Yahoo Answers):

Some users have begun reporting seeing a new “Questions” product within their homepage, something oddly similar to Quora, a product developed by ex-Facebook employees that also recently raised funding at an $86 million valuation. While it doesn’t appear that this product has any integration with Quora, it appears to be in direct competition to Quora as well as Yahoo! Answers.

The AllFacebook post doesn't really speculate about the model or implications for the broader market; however there are obvious local and mobile use cases. Beyond general and pop culture questions this could quickly become a word of mouth local recommendations engine:

 Picture 168

Of course the success of a product like this would depend very much on execution. But let's assume that the smart folks at Facebook would put together something fairly compelling. They have a captive audience that could create scale for a Q&A service very quickly. 

Facebook and Twitter have always had the unrealized potential to become "social search" engines or "answer communities." Equally "Q&A" is increasingly making its way into local sites. Indeed, it's always been there but now it's becoming more widespread

Informally lots of people ask for recommendations from their networks on Facebook and Twitter, but a structured offering that could tap Facebook users generally and be sorted by "my network" or a tighter group of friends could be immediately pretty useful and interesting.

I'm eager to see what Facebook delivers.