WhitePages.com Offers Improved Caller ID for Android

We had a very interesting wide-ranging conversation and update yesterday with WhitePages.com's Kevin Nakao. We discussed the success of the company's iPhone app and the movement of the business toward the previously announced "connectory" conceptual model.

Today the company introduced version 2 of its Android app. WhitePages.com blogs about the improvements and benefits:

  • More names to ID more calls, including mobile numbers! (This was our #1 request from users.) This means a better match rate.
  • Telemarketing alerts will flash during calls from known telemarketers. You’ll never have to take a research survey during dinnertime again!
  • Look up numbers on demand with the Reverse Phone feature. I use this all the time when people text me and I don’t recognize the phone number. And it’s great when you miss calls or want to update names and addresses on your phone without typing in a bunch of information.
  • Better connection handling and performance means faster Caller ID results.
  • A great new look and layout, including our new WhitePages branding and colors. You’ll be seeing more of this soon!

Here's a video that shows a demo of how it works.

There are free and paid versions of the apps (the improved version is paid). The paid app has many more numbers, among several other differences indicated above.