WinMo, Bing and Voice Search

We're waiting to see the Bing upgrade of Microsoft's mobile search client app. The old Live Search app offered speech and was very good. It didn't get the recognition it deserved. But Bing is higher profile and has an opportunity to grab more attention and usage. The screenshot to the right is a preview of the look of the client.

Separately Tellme is integrated, from what I understand, pretty deeply into WinMo 6.5. Nobody really discussed this in the reviews I saw yesterday of the updated OS. However Clint Boulton at Google Watch offers a video demo of Tellme running on the new Samsung Intrepid (a Windows Phone). Tellme's capabilities extend beyond just search into other functions on the device (e.g., dictating SMS messages). 

Tellme (and maybe Bing) are assets that can potentially differentiate Microsoft's OS, mobile services and experience from Google. But that's contingent on the user experience and degree of integration. It has to be broader and more holistic; in other words not just a search box and list of search results. I've long believed that Tellme is an asset that's under-exploited by Microsoft. 

I'm eager to test out 6.5 and Tellme on the new devices. I'm also eager to see what the updated Bing search client will be like. I like the last one but I no longer own a Windows Phone. Accordingly, the company needs to think about making a Bing app for the iPhone, RIM and Android as well as Windows Mobile -- it needs to reach the users where they are today. 

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