Yahoo! Upgrades oneSearch Shortcut with Auto-Locate, Voice

Earlier this week Yahoo! announced several upgrades to its oneSearch Shortcut (which requires a client download) including improved search suggestions, voice and location triangulation. The oneSearch shortcut is available on Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones. Unfortunately it's not yet available for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

According to a Yahoo! blog post from earlier this week:

Today we’re launching several new features for the Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut, including an auto-locate feature that uses cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi to detect the user’s location, enhanced Search Assist that incorporates the user’s recent search history, and a Windows Mobile client.

As mentioned it also includes voice search (powered by Vlingo). Collectively these features are terrific. However Google has largely the same feature set already.

In order to make up some lost ground in mobile search Yahoo! will need to roll out new features more quickly to more platforms and add things that aren't available at Google. 

Yahoo! oneSearch and the Yahoo! Go client were ahead of rivals when they first launched. However Google in the past year has matched much of that original functionality and has more recently been quicker to upgrade and roll out new mobile features and products.