AP Mobile News Network Formally Launches

The AP Mobile News Network formally launched today. It's optimized for the iPhone but a skeletal version also works on my Windows Mobile phone.

Here's AP's own coverage of the release. We previously wrote about the launch here.

We haven't had a hands-on opportunity to play with the application but it looks great and offers personalization (including by location) and video. It will also be ad supported, with revenues to be shared by AP, Verve Wireless and local publishers who will sell some of the advertising.

Having spent a bunch of time reading the NY Times this weekend on different mobile browsers I can say that news is going to be a high volume category in mobile (already is one of the top categories). And newspapers are in a position to benefit from the extended reach if the AP news portal takes off as a definitive mobile news destination.

It will be competing against mobile versions of online news sites such as MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo!, etc. And Google recently released its own version of News for the iPhone.