HTC Replaces 'Touch' with 'Diamond'

Taiwan's HTC officially announced a replacement for the popular HTC Touch, called the "Touch Diamond." As the name suggests, the phone has a touch screen and runs the Windows Mobile OS. HTC is also a member of the Android Open Handset Alliance and is expected to introduce an Android phone later this year.

The Touch Diamond will be available in June in the EU and somewhat later in the U.S. The Touch sold impressively around the world (3 million units) and this phone looks to be a significant upgrade. It appears to have a slide out keyboard as well.

HTC Touch Diamond

Credit: HTC

Phones such as the Touch Diamond and the Samsung Instinct seek to emulate the touch-screen interface and user experience of the iPhone to varying degrees, although HTC built touch screens long before Apple brought its iPhone to market. Still, the arrival of the iPhone has helped boost HTC's visibility and shift the market toward touch screens.

Phones such as the Instinct and Diamond start to close the aesthetic and usability gap between the iPhone and its competitors somewhat. They also offer physical QWERTY keyboards, which gives them an advantage in some people's minds over the iPhone's virtual keyboard.