Truvo Launches Mobile Client with mobilePeople

Belgium-based yellow pages publisher Truvo has launched a downloadable mobile, local search client (for Beligians) on the mobilePeople "liquid platform." The relationship was pre-existing and a similar announcement had been made last year.

What's also interesting here, as the release points out, is that Truvo, the old World Directories, is adding third-party content to directory listings to broaden the utility and use cases for the application.

Europe is a somewhat different market than the U.S. but the mobile arena replicates the early debate and competition between directories and search engines: can they win with a destination strategy or do they need to do "mobile SEO" and syndicate content? They not mutually exclusive strategies of course.

The rich client strategy also begs the question about whether consumers will download applications onto mobile devices en masse. On so-called feature phones applications may be more viable long term because they have limited capacity to browse the "mobile Internet" compared with smartphones. However, mobilePeople can also do and does WAP sites and portals.

Recently mobilePeople agreed to be acquired by partner Local Matters.