Kooaba: Another 'Point and Click' Company

I was speaking with mobile ad network AdMob yesterday and, among other things, we discussed how mobile offers an interesting bridge between the traditional media and digital worlds. Though not "mobile advertising," one of the really interesting potentially areas for mobile is as both a tracking mechanism for traditional media and also a way to make it more "dynamic."

Examples of this are NearbyNow and outdoor, RippleTV and SMS, Hearst magazines and ShopText, Google print and 2D barcodes. Mobile couponing also falls into this category to some degree. Then there are: NeoMedia, Mobot, GeoVector and SnapTell that offer "point and search" or "mobile visual search" using camera phones.

And I just became aware also of another company in this segment: Switzerland-based Kooaba.

While these technologies are in use today in Japan and to some degree in Europe they will also come to the U.S/ in a bigger way. It's inevitable. But they will be used, at least initially, not as stand-alone alternatives to keying in search queries but rather to make traditional media more "accountable" and "actionable" (e.g., learn more, buy now, etc.).