Blyk Making Move into Europe

Fresh off it's apparent success in the UK, ad-subsidized MVNO Blyk is moving into other Western European countries, including Germany, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. It will have different network partners in many of these countries but the model remains the same: users receive 217 free SMS messages and 43 free minutes in exchange for viewing ads.

The company explicitly describes itself as "the new mobile network for 16-24 year olds." Indeed, it's positioning itself vis-a-vis advertisers more like Facebook than a mobile operator. It also claims 29% response rates to campaigns on average.

A particular MMS campaign for L'Oreal (aimed at males) saw 40% and higher response rates (massive). Blyk subscribers seem very willing to receive and respond to ads accordingly. The company's success would thus seem to put to rest the concept that people (at least budget-conscious younger users) are resistant to mobile advertising.