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I2Go - An Advisory Service

I2Go: Mobile + Location analyzes the challenges and opportunities created by the convergence of mobile technology, new consumer behaviors and placed-based marketing and analytics. Not simply “mobile marketing,” I2Go takes a deeper look at fundamental shifts in how consumers interact with digital content at home, on the go and in commercial environments. It’s also about how enterprises and marketers can engage consumers in a new, more dynamic multi- screen environment.

Topics & Coverage Area

  • Mapping the indoor location opportunity (January 2014)
  • iBeacon: What is it and what does it do? (February 2014)
  • Location-based mobile advertising: What are the real numbers? (February 2014)
  • The “Goldilocks” geo-fence: Finding the right radius from the store (March 2014)
  • The indoor analytics revolution: What every merchant needs to know (April 2014)
  • New uses of location and mobile devices: From audience insights to real-world re-targeting (May 2014)
  • Privacy and place-based marketing: Opt-in or opt-out? (Summer 2014)
  • Closing the loop: Online-to-offline attribution and ROI (Summer 2014)
  • How indoor location will transform in-store merchandising and shopper marketing (Fall 2014)
  • Push marketing best practices: Engaging in-store users at the aisle level (Fall 2014)

Place Conference (New York City - July 2014)
’s Place Conference is the only event of its kind to take a comprehensive look at indoor location, marketing and analytics from a business perspective as well as the broader implications of indoor location for the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

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