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By subscribing to I2Go: Mobile + Location, clients gain access to proprietary forecasts, market models and analysis, all designed to support strategic planning, business development and go-to-market tactics.

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Clients benefit from our intensive qualitative and quantitative understanding and research of service providers, vendors, and end users-on both the supply and demand sides. We investigate the key factors that impact success, including competitive forces, growth drivers, potential obstacles, technological, and regulatory issues and trends.

Benefits of Being a I2Go Advisory Services Client

  • Strategic Assistance: I2Go: Mobile + Location clients are entitled to schedule advisory sessions with I2Go analysts as needed. An advisory session consists of conference calls or in-person meetings between client executives and the appropriate I2Go analysts. Clients may occasionally request to receive written responses to advisory requests via email.
  • Intelligent Partnering: Expert counsel on which companies Clients should partner with, why, and who.
  • Ecosystem Mapping: Providing intelligence on business models, relationships, and competitive and channel issues.
  • Concept Validation: Independent opinion on business models under consideration.
  • Research Reports: Examine broad market themes in an in-depth manner. Research Reports are typically about 5000 words in length and include a detailed quantitative component from a consumer survey, developer or executive survey, and/or market forecasting models. I2Go will publish approximately four Research Reports in a twelve-month period.
  • Advisories: Examine issues pertaining to technology developments and narrow application domains. Advisories are about 1000 words in length, and include relevant data and graphics. I2Go publishes between 12 and 15 Advisories each year.
  • Blog and Bulletins: Clients will keep abreast of fast-moving market developments through a dedicated blog and related short client-only briefs, which include analysis of current events and issues throughout the I2Go ecosystem. These are published daily or as regularly as relevant to current happenings.

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