Webcast On-Demand: Top 5 Things Marketers Need to Understand about Location and Privacy

Webcast On-Demand

Consumers are ambivalent about online privacy. Some surveys suggest outright hostility to mobile-location tracking; others argue users are happy to share personal information for clear rewards and benefits. Consumers also express a desire for greater personalization of online, mobile and shopping experiences. How can these contradictory positions be reconciled?

The privacy landscape is evolving rapidly with Apple making location privacy changes in iOS 8 and state governments getting involved in regulating privacy in the absence of federal action.

Rather than an “issue that will blow over,” privacy has become a central discussion for marketers and brands. It’s the flipside of “big data.” But timidity, passivity and denial won’t work. Stakeholders must proactively tackle the issue head on.</>

Join , Senior Analyst with , and Future of Privacy Forum executive director Jules Polonetsky for an informative, interactive webinar about the latest developments in location and privacy on Wednesday, July 2, 10 am PDT /1 pm EDT.

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Webcast: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Beacons

Live Webcast: Wed., April 30, 2014 - 1:00pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Beacons are hot. Once dismissed by many, they are now being widely deployed in retail and grocery stores, stadiums and entertainment venues. Apple’s support for Bluetooth (iBeacon) has put the technology on the map and driven its growing adoption.

While many people have read about iBeacon, they don’t clearly understand what beacons can and can’t do. Join Senior Analyst and Steve Hegenderfer, director of developer programs at Bluetooth SIG, for an informative and interactive discussion about all things beacon.

Bluetooth SIG is the group that oversees the standards and licensing of Bluetooth. We assure you Hegenderfer will speak plain English during a presentation aimed at marketers, agencies and business decision-makers.

In this accessible, non-technical session you’ll learn:

  • What iBeacon is and how it fits within the larger Bluetooth landscape
  • How many different types of beacons there are and who makes them
  • The cost, lifespan and transmission range of beacons
  • Optimal indoor beacon use cases (and things that beacons don’t do well)
  • How marketers/retailers can avoid spamming consumers with beacon triggered notifications
  • How indoor messaging and notifications can be personalized
  • Whether beacons can equally be used for indoor marketing and analytics

Webcast: Indoor Location - Early Adopter Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Live Webcast: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 1:00pm ET / 10:00 am PT

There’s a great deal of hype surrounding iBeacon right now. But that technology is just one part of a much larger story about indoor location.

Using a range of technologies, major retailers, malls, airports and others are testing or rolling out indoor location in their venues and stores. We’ve come a great distance since last year when few people understood the benefits of indoor positioning and real-world analytics.

Join aisle411, iInside and ’s for a webinar and discussion about the current state of indoor location. The webinar will feature existing, in-market B2B and B2C case studies.

What you’ll learn:

Webcast - "Beyond CTR: Tracking Mobile Ad Impact on Store Visits"

Free Webcast: Tuesday, September 10th, 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

The offline impact of digital ads has always been elusive. Marketers track “online conversions” mostly because they can’t follow consumers into stores (where 94% of buying happens). But online conversions are just a fraction of “online-to-offline” sales.

Increasingly it’s becoming possible to track how online/mobile ads directly impact offline consumer behavior. The implications are dramatic for all of digital media and marketing.

Placed CEO David Shim and xAd VP Monica Ho will discuss how new measurement tools let agencies, brands and marketers go beyond CTR to understand mobile advertising’s impact on store visits.

Placed has developed a “Nielsen panel for the real world” and xAd is starting to use it on client campaigns. Join them, together with , senior analyst with , for a free webinar that will examine:

  • The market trend toward closed-loop measurement
  • How offline panel measurement works
  • What new insights are now available to marketers, publishers and networks
  • Why offline ROI measurement is a key to shifting more ad budgets to digital
  • A just-completed case study on mobile-to-store measurement

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Webcast: Introduction to Indoor Location

Live Webcast: Wednesday, August 21st - 1:00pm ET / 10:00 am PT

One of the most profound developments in digital marketing, customer care and analytics is the advent of indoor location. While this new "industry" is in its infancy, it's impact will be profound over time.

Indoor location and marketing are being made possible by the mass adoption of smartphones and nearly ubiquitous public WiFi. But we're just starting to imagine what's possible: more personalized shopping experiences, better data on customer behavior, and greater visibility into what online and mobile ads actually deliver people to the point of sale.

Indoor location represents the true marriage of the online with the offline. Yet indoor location and marketing are still not well understood. Join Jon Rosen, EVP with iInside, and , senior analyst with , as they explore:

  • What indoor location technologies are in use today?
  • What data can be captured and are being captured?
  • Consumer willingness to share indoor location
  • Specific retail and merchant case studies
  • Privacy considerations
  • Venue adoption timelines
  • Broader digital marketing implications

Webcast: Mobile’s Role in the Consumer Path to Purchase

Live Webcast: Thursday, November 15th - 1:30pm ET / 10:30 am PT

Today four out of five consumers use mobile devices for shopping related purposes. For marketers, reaching them at the right place and time requires understanding and targeted strategies. Yet mobile’s role in the purchase path varies widely based on differing consumer needs, usage location, business category and even device type.

This webinar will show you the keys to developing the most effective mobile marketing strategies for three of the top growth segments in mobile today: Travel, Restaurants and Automotive. Speakers will discuss empirical findings that can be applied to a wide range of businesses to develop an effective mobile presence as well as drive more customers and increase sales.

What you'll learn:

  • The prime opportunities for leveraging mobile media within the path-to-purchase for each category
  • How consumers use smartphones and tablets to complete different purchase-related tasks
  • The importance of location and local info to mobile searchers— by category and device • How purchase timing differs among mobile searchers based on category
  • The types of sites and apps consumers use at each stage of the shopping process
  • The key factors behind generating consumer awareness and engagement with mobile ads


  • , Senior Analyst –
  • David Gil, Vice President, Emerging Media – Nielsen
  • Monica Ho, Vice President of Marketing – xAd, Inc.
  • Bill Dinan, President – Telmetrics Inc.

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Finding the L Spot: The Hype and Reality of Local-Mobile Advertising

Live Webcast: Wednesday, May 23rd - 1pm ET / 10am PT

Somewhere between 20% and 30% of traffic to many websites is now coming from mobile devices, depending on the category. In specific local categories the number is as high as 50%.

Consumers have repeatedly indicated their preference for localized ads and see them as more relevant than “generic” ads. There are also several very bullish forecasts for localized mobile advertising. Yet most “local” mobile ads aren’t more specific than regional or metro-area targeting. And only about 5% of mobile ads carry a precise “lat-long.”

Why is this the case and what must happen to realize the promise of “LoMo” advertising? Join Monica Ho, xAd Vice President of Marketing and 's Senior Analyst for a discussion of the opportunities – and challenges – of locally targeted mobile advertising today.

Author will provide findings on consumer preferences for localized advertising as well as performance data comparing local-mobile ads to national ads. He’ll also present a recent case study comparing ad performance across five mobile ad networks.

xAd’s Monica Ho will talk about the opportunities and challenges of location targeting .She’ll also present the 5 mobile marketing best practices that every marketer / agency should know in order to drive true performance out of mobile advertising.

Webcast: The Convergence of Local and Mobile Marketing

Live Webcast: Thursday, November 17th - 1pm ET / 10am PT

On-the-go consumers are the most valuable prospects available. But while local advertising on the PC has not been well understood by marketers, the importance of location-based content to smartphone users is all but self-evident. Recent behavioral data shows that 40% to 50% of mobile searches are local in nature, not including apps.

Beyond the fact that this translates into billions of queries, local-mobile searchers convert at much higher rates than conventional PC users. Between 40% and 60% of local-mobile searchers actually show up at a local business or store location. The majority of these local information seekers take action within a very short period of time, usually a couple of hours -- or less.

The nature of local-mobile marketing is therefore much more dynamic and immediate than on the PC. Marketers both large and small must clearly understand how to reach mobile audiences or be prepared to hand potential customers over to the competition.

Join ’s Senior Analyst and AT&T Interactive’s Executive Director of Product Management Matthew Goldman for a mix of data, discussion and perspective about location and mobility today. Goldman will also present what AT&T is seeing “from the field” in terms of SMB advertiser demand and mobile consumer behavior.

Webcast: The Rise of the Social SMB

Live Webcast: Tuesday, April 26th - 1pm ET / 10am PT

Small businesses are increasingly interested in social media and “conversational commerce.” But what does that actually mean? After the Twitter account or Facebook Page are established, what's next?

SMBs and the sales channels and publishers that serve them are struggling with how to divide the labor and bring social marketing to SMBs but in ways that are efficient and still preserve the “authentic voice” of the local businesses.

  • What are the social media trends now dominating the local online marketplace?
  • What are SMBs themselves saying about social media and the challenges they face?
  • What does all this look like from the sales perspective, “on the ground”?

Join VendAsta CEO Brendan King, Mike Hartrich Director of Digital Products at LocalEdge, and analyst as we explore the “rise of the social SMB.”

Webcast: Local Social Commerce - The Explosion of Group Buying

Live Webcast: Thursday, August 19th - 1pm ET / 10am PT

Group buying or "social commerce" is one of the hottest and fastest growing segments online. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, there are now well over 100 companies in a massive land grab for consumer attention and local business promotions. Traditional media and established online publishers are also trying to get in on the action, which is already worth hundreds of millions of dollars today.

Join Internet2Go's , Yipit co-founder James Moran and Close.ly CEO Perry Evans as we explore the rapid rise of group buying. Yipit will present new, unreleased data about SMBs and group buying; we'll answer your questions and discuss the broader impact of social commerce on the present and future of the local market.

Webcast: The Evolution of Local Discovery

Live Webcast: Tuesday, May 11th - 1pm ET / 10am PT

With the rise of mobile and location-based services "local" is finally getting the recognition it deserves and the relationship between online research and offline buying is becoming more transparent. But consumer behavior and the larger local market online is highly fragmented and getting more complex. Consumers are using a wide range of sites and services to get information before buying. Marketers need to understand how consumers interact with the Internet and mobile devices to be able to effectively influence their purchase behavior.

In this webcast, join with Internet2Go, Greg Isaacs (VP, Web Products, AT&T Interactive) and Todd Rose (VP, Business Development, AT&T Interactive) to discuss how the local market is rapidly evolving and how advertisers can engage with consumers across platforms as they use multiple services to inform the local purchase decisions.

Webcast: Local Search Is Different

Webcast On-Demand - Watch Below!

Local search is becoming more and more important on the PC and in the emerging world of mobile marketing. Indeed, local results are an increasingly visible part of Google's SERPs. How does "local search" marketing (SEM) and local search engine optimization (SEO) differ from more national or "generic" approaches?

This session will be led by local search expert and feature Matthew Berk (Executive VP, Product Engineering, Marchex) and Gib Olander (Director of Business Development, Localeze) who will offer concrete tips and tactics for marketers and agencies seeking to tap into this increasingly significant marketing opportunity.


Webcast: The Rise of Mobile Coupons

Webcast On-Demand

Digital coupons are very hot right now, and mobile will be an increasingly important distribution channel for local offers and deals. In fact it's one of the few types of advertising that mobile consumers welcome in large numbers.

Though not yet mainstream, “mobile coupons” is an already crowded arena. Execution, content, and quality matter in this highly competitive segment. Join Internet2Go program director , along with Matt Myers (Shooger) and Nikki Atchison (Valpak), as they provide an overview of the landscape as well as concrete data and case studies on the performance of coupons in a mobile environment.

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Webcast: The Future of Location on Mobile Devices: LBS, Apps & Monetization

Thursday, November 12, 2009 (1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT)
On-Demand Webcast - Watch Below

LBS and local advertising on mobile devices have been hyped and hailed as the "killer app" for mobile. But are they? Most of the current "local search apps" are lackluster and merely transfer the PC user experience to the mobile device. And most companies building local apps haven't thought through their strategies very carefully.

What do "Local Apps 2.0" look like? What services and data will they provide? Can the promise of location-aware mobile "discovery" be realized? And how will all this be monetized as a practical matter?

Join of 's Internet2Go program and Jeff Porter and Nahid Giga of mobilepeople, both local search industry veterans, for a wide-ranging discussion of the best local apps today and what the future may look like for local on mobile devices.

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Webcast: Mobile Marketing, Couponing, and Customer Loyalty

Mobile Marketing Summit -- Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Webcast On-Demand

As part of the free Mobile Marketing Summit -- This session showcases case studies from retailers, quick service restaurants and others that show how consumers can be acquired through a range of methods, including mobile advertising and at the point of sale. The cases also expose concrete mobile campaign results and how utilize mobile loyalty in the context of broader marketing efforts.

Mike Romano - Co-founder, Executive Vice President, SmartReply
Jay Highley - President & COO, Tetherball
- Program Director, Internet2Go

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Webcast: The Mobile App Opportunity

Mobile Marketing Summit -- Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Webcast On-Demand

As part of the free Mobile Marketing Summit -- Smartphone apps have become an increasingly important part of the mobile user experience. How should brands and marketers think about mobile apps as part of their overall strategies? This session will offer a survey of apps that succeed and those that miss, as well as a discussion of how traditional media are using apps effectively today.

Rachel Pasqua - Director of Mobile, iCrossing
Scott Dunlap - CEO & Founder, NearbyNow
- Program Director, Internet2Go

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Webcast: Integrating Mobile into Traditional Media Campaigns

Mobile Marketing Summit -- Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Webcast On-Demand

As part of the free Mobile Marketing Summit -- In many ways mobile marketing is more compatible with traditional media than online. Both exist "in the real world." But how should publishers and marketers think about the relationship between mobile media and traditional marketing? How can mobile be leveraged to extend the value of traditional media and marketing? This session offers case studies and best practices highlighting concrete examples and advice.

Jeff Hasen - Chief Marketing Officer, HipCricket
David Spear - EVP, LSN Mobile
- Program Director, Internet2Go

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Webcast: The Mobile Internet - How Effective a Marketing Medium?

Mobile Marketing Summit -- Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Webcast On-Demand

As part of the free Mobile Marketing Summit, analyst presents the latest consumer research and market data on usage of the mobile Internet. InsightExpress Director of Mobile Research Joy Liuzzo presents case studies and findings from recent advertiser research showing consumer response to mobile advertising campaigns.

- Program Director, Internet2Go
Joy Liuzzo - Director of Marketing & Mobile Research, InsightExpress

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Webcast: SMS Marketing - Direct Route to Consumer Engagement

Thursday, August 27, 2009 (1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT)
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Roughly 3.5 billion text messages are sent every day in the U.S., yet text messaging is often neglected in discussions of mobile marketing. However, SMS is the most versatile mobile marketing vehicle and the only one that transcends mobile platform and handset type. In this webcast, outlines the distinctions between the “mobile Web” and SMS marketing, highlighting case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of SMS as a broad and flexible marketing tool.

- Senior Analyst, Local Mobile Search
Aman Brar - VP, Business Development, ChaCha
Zaw Thet - CEO & Co-Founder, 4INFO

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Webcast: Internet2Go - The State of the Mobile Internet

After many years of hype without substance, the age of the "mobile Internet" is finally here and providing bridges to the physical world in the form of location-based content, services, and advertising. In this webinar, LMS senior analyst presents a high-level marketplace and data overview of the state of mobile.

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