Webcast: Introduction to Indoor Location

Live Webcast: Wednesday, August 21st - 1:00pm ET / 10:00 am PT

One of the most profound developments in digital marketing, customer care and analytics is the advent of indoor location. While this new "industry" is in its infancy, it's impact will be profound over time.

Indoor location and marketing are being made possible by the mass adoption of smartphones and nearly ubiquitous public WiFi. But we're just starting to imagine what's possible: more personalized shopping experiences, better data on customer behavior, and greater visibility into what online and mobile ads actually deliver people to the point of sale.

Indoor location represents the true marriage of the online with the offline. Yet indoor location and marketing are still not well understood. Join Jon Rosen, EVP with iInside, and , senior analyst with , as they explore:

  • What indoor location technologies are in use today?
  • What data can be captured and are being captured?
  • Consumer willingness to share indoor location
  • Specific retail and merchant case studies
  • Privacy considerations
  • Venue adoption timelines
  • Broader digital marketing implications