Webcast: The Rise of the Social SMB

Live Webcast: Tuesday, April 26th - 1pm ET / 10am PT

Small businesses are increasingly interested in social media and “conversational commerce.” But what does that actually mean? After the Twitter account or Facebook Page are established, what's next?

SMBs and the sales channels and publishers that serve them are struggling with how to divide the labor and bring social marketing to SMBs but in ways that are efficient and still preserve the “authentic voice” of the local businesses.

  • What are the social media trends now dominating the local online marketplace?
  • What are SMBs themselves saying about social media and the challenges they face?
  • What does all this look like from the sales perspective, “on the ground”?

Join VendAsta CEO Brendan King, Mike Hartrich Director of Digital Products at LocalEdge, and analyst as we explore the “rise of the social SMB.”