Are Clear's Plans at Odds with Owner Sprint?

Sprint has said that 4G is critical to its future. We agree. However, Clearwire/Clear may be gearing up to wholesale 4G to Sprint competitors such as T-Mobile. From a recent Reuters piece:

Chief Executive Bill Morrow told Reuters on Thursday that the upstart operator founded by wireless pioneer Craig McCaw is keen on selling space on its small but expanding WiMax network wholesale to other network service providers, though he would not say which he was in discussions with.

Companies like Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA, or other wireless providers such as Leap Wireless and MetroPCS Communications, could make sense as wholesale clients, Morrow said.

Sprint is the majority owner of Clear and could prevent such a move if it wanted. But if rival carriers are able to provide the same network speeds as Sprint -- to say nothing of LTE from Verizon and AT&T -- Sprint will have no competitive advantage that it can market to customers and prospects.

The move to wholesale 4G argues to me that connectivity will truly be a commodity in the near term.