AT&T Android Phones Confirm End of iPhone Exclusivity

AT&T has announced that it will be adding up to five Android phones this year, from HTC, Motorola and the Mini 3 from Dell. It will be the exclusive US carrier for the Dell device. AT&T also announced that it would be adding two Palm handsets (Pixi, Pre?) to its lineup.

With this announcement from AT&T, all the major US carriers will be now be offering Android phones. These new handsets, reportedly coming in the first half of this year, all but confirm that the iPhone will be shedding its AT&T exclusivity, which is critical for Apple if it wants to maintain momentum in the US market. 

AT&T says it wants to be the leader in smartphone devices. We'll see how this wide availability of smartphones accross the major carriers affects their market share, which is currently between 15% and 17% in the US.