Rumor: T-Mobile "Dream" Android Phone Coming Next Month

First there were the rumors of technical problems and delays surrounding Android. Now there are rumors that the first T-Mobile Android phone (the HTC Dream) will be available in mid-to-late September.

The first Android phone to hit the market will be important and influential in terms of determining how much of a competitor the platform will be for the iPhone. In addition, T-Mobile will be seeking to capture subscribers with the phone and if early sales are strong it may persuade larger carriers (Verizon, AT&T) to offer Android handsets -- although Verizon has said it will permit "any legal handset" on its network.

I'm eager to see and play with an actual Android phone to see how compelling it is.

Strategy Analytics said that BlackBerry devices comprised just over 10% of all Q2 US handset sales. In the smartphone market the battle is shaping up to be between BlackBerry and the iPhone, Symbian will struggle in the US (though it's the global leader). Overll US market leader Motorola is not really a force in smartphone sales. Palm, despite the success of the Centro, is a diminishing factor.

Android and Windows Mobile are unknown variables. Android could be a hit or a flop and, absent substantial innovation, Windows Mobile may find itself overshadowed by these other platforms and thus vulnerable.

One key to success in the smartphone market will be software development. Platforms that are neglected by developers will probably languish.