Would You Go to McDonalds for Free WiFi?

McDonalds will begin giving away (rather than charging) for WiFi access in January. According to the WSJ:

Starting in mid-January, McDonald's will lift a $2.95 fee that it had charged customers for two hours of wireless Internet access, available at about 11,000 of its 14,000 domestic locations, McDonald's USA Chief Information Officer David Grooms said in an interview.

This won't motivate me to go to McDonalds as a destination but in a choice between "quick service restaurants" it could tip the balance. AT&T is the network provider.

It's another step toward WiFi/connectivity everywhere, which is coming in the next few years. I want to pay one price for at home and on-the-go access not $40 at home and $60 for a dongle. Or . . . I want it free. Hoping that the days of double and triple billing for Internet access will be done in a couple of years.