Survey: Android Loyalty Approaches iPhone

According to a new survey (n=1092) of US BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users, by Crowd Science iPhone and Android users display almost comparable levels of loyalty to their devices. The firm said "Android users [rival] iPhone users in loyalty, with about 90% of each user group planning to stick with their current brand when buying their next phone."

BlackBerry users had comparatively weaker loyalty with "nearly 40% of Blackberry users ... prefer Apple’s iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but a third of them would also switch to the Android operating system." The survey also found that more iPhone and Android owners use their handsets for personal use vs. BlackBerry owners:

  • Android users and iPhone users display significantly higher incidences of using their smartphones for personal use only (32% and 28%, respectively) when compared with Blackberry users (16%)
  • Accordingly, a significantly higher proportion of Blackberry users use the device for business only (7%) compare to Android users and iPhone users.
  • The majority of smartphone users claim to use their devices for both business and personal use.

Here's the graphic depicting the answer to "Which phone would you purchase tomorrow?": 

Picture 7
What the chart shows is that 92% of iPhone users would buy the iPhone, while 87% of Android owners (small sample) would buy Android handsets and 39% and 34% of RIM owners would buy an iPhone or an Android phone respectively vs their current BlackBerry handsets.

The Android sample was quite small but it indicates that Android is delivering satisfaction levels that have the potential to blunt the iPhone's future growth. This development also suggests that Apple's own loyalty to AT&T has become strategic mistake as more consumers become comfortable with Android handsets that they can obtain from their existing carriers.

RIM, for its part, needs to boost the consumer appeal of its devices fairly quickly -- something the company already clearly understands.