Life After Microsoft: Tellme and Bing Mobile Speech Enable Windows Mobile 7

Although Microsoft chose not to provide us with a demo unit this time, we've come to understand that the company has done an excellent job of integrating Tellme's speech recognition features into the Windows Mobile 7 workflows. 's post from the Bing event noted the integration of Tellme in passing and provided this link to a video demonstration. The [email protected] group has adopted the "press and hold the home key" convention to invoke speech recognition which, in turn, can be used for voice dialing, to search for local businesses or to launch one of the apps on the device.

The latter two services reflect an equally deep integration of Bing and Bing Maps as the default search engine and geographic information services, respectively. As Greg notes, contrary to some of the early, very critical, reviews of the Windows Mobile 7 OS, invoking and providing commands to apps doesn't have to involve never-ending scrolling - just a few well-chosen utterances. A Microsoft spokesperson noted that alternative search service providers would be able to submit "apps or hubs for the Windows Phone 7", but it is unclear (and doubtful) that they would enjoy the same level of integration with Tellme's voice command structure.