Best Buy Distribution May Accelerate iPhone Sales

We'll find out the actual numbers at some point soon but it was estimated by financial analysts that the iPhone 3G sold three million units in its first month. Now US electronics retailer Best Buy is going to sell the device. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

Starting Sept. 7, both the eight- and 16-gigabyte models of the 3G phone will be available at all Best Buy stores, except for a handful located in areas where AT&T's wireless service isn't available, Best Buy said.

"Quite honestly, many of our customers come to our store every day asking for it," [a Best Buy spokesman] said. "We're excited we're going to be able to say yes."

Best Buy has hundreds of stores in the United States, Canada, Europe and China. It's unclear whether non-U.S. locations will eventually be able to sell the device. Best Buy also offers buy online, pick up in store capability. It's also not clear whether the iPhone will be among those products that one can buy online and pick up in store.

By making the device more broadly accessible in another chain of physical stores iPhone sales will likely get a boost. By how much is another question to be determined.


HSBC is considering replacing its BlackBerry fleet with iPhones (to the tune of about 200K units). If it happens and other enterprises follow that would be a big deal and ring alarm bells (I'm sure it already is) in the halls of the BlackBerry enterprise kingdom.