iPhone Growth: Queries and Browser Share

Google User Experience VP Marissa Mayer revealed the "fastest growing" search queries from 2007 on the NBC Today show yesterday. Here's the list: 1. iPhone, 2. Webkinz, 3. TMZ, 4. Transformers, 5. YouTube, 6. Club Penguin, 7. Myspace, 8. Heroes, 9. Facebook, 10. Anna Nicole Smith.

By contrast, the iPhone was #6 on Yahoo!'s list of top tech queries in 2007. And it doesn't appear on Ask's lists anywhere.

Another popularity metric: According to Net Applications, "total web browsing on the iPhone has topped the web browsing on all Windows Mobile devices combined." This is an amazing thing considering that the iPhone has only been in the market since June of this year and versions of Windows Mobile have been in the market for roughly a decade.