The Limits of Marketing

Some products, like Vitamin Water, are entirely creations of marketing. Others have intrinsic properties that determine whether they will succeed or fail and no amount of marketing can overcome those qualities.

In this context I was struck by a new "James Bond phone" from Sony Ericsson. The company is doing a push for the C902 "Cybershot" in conjunction with the new Bond movie. Sony Ericsson posted a dramatic Q2 loss amid weaking demand for its phones.

From what I can tell, the otherwise unremarkeable C902 "Cybershot" is not going to be helped by association with James Bond or other clever marketing.

Plus, the title of the new film, Quantum of Solace, is one of the worst in recent memory. Perhaps Sony Ericsson should take a page from Nokia and try product placement with fantasy phones that are cool but, which haven't been produced.