Google Adds Unified Search Box on Android

Google has expanded search on Android. Now the homescreen search box offers a spotlight-like search capability that allows users to search their contacts, handsets and the mobile Web. According to the Google Mobile Blog:

Rather than giving you one search box for the web and another for your phone, QSB provides one single search box to let you search content on your phone, including apps, contacts, and browser history, as well as content from the web, like personalized search suggestions, local business listings, stock quotes, weather, and flight status, all without opening the browser. QSB even learns from your habits and provides faster access to the items you search for and use most often (by, for example, moving them higher on the suggestions list).

This "universal" search functionality makes search a much more useful tool that extends beyond mobile Web content and reinforces the use of the search box. Otherwise, mobile search is an adequate but often frustrating experience. That's one reason why Google is developing alternative ways to get at content and has put so many resources into voice search and recently introduced the local browse functionality

Here's a video demo tour of the new Quick Search Box:

Picture 12