GetJar Raises Money, Flexes App Muscle

Platform "agnostic" apps store GetJar is far less well-known than its branded peers but, depending on how you count, it's either got the second or third largest app store in the market (not just for smartphones). As an aside, it becomes a prime takeover target at some point in the near-to-medium term.

The company just revealed that it has added an $11 million Series B funding round (from Accel Partners) to its earlier $6 million Accel-funded A Round.

The company was founded in Lithuania five years ago and has moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. GetJar claims a billion downloads of 65,000 apps. Google's Andy Rubin said yesterday that Android now had "over 65,000 applications." 

Below is Distimo's June calculation of the relative size of the app stores (somewhat outdated now).

Picture 38

By comparison Apple claims "more than five billion apps have been downloaded from the revolutionary App Store and more than 225,000 apps are available to consumers in 90 countries."