Finding the L Spot: The Hype and Reality of Local-Mobile Advertising

Live Webcast: Wednesday, May 23rd - 1pm ET / 10am PT

Somewhere between 20% and 30% of traffic to many websites is now coming from mobile devices, depending on the category. In specific local categories the number is as high as 50%.

Consumers have repeatedly indicated their preference for localized ads and see them as more relevant than “generic” ads. There are also several very bullish forecasts for localized mobile advertising. Yet most “local” mobile ads aren’t more specific than regional or metro-area targeting. And only about 5% of mobile ads carry a precise “lat-long.”

Why is this the case and what must happen to realize the promise of “LoMo” advertising? Join Monica Ho, xAd Vice President of Marketing and 's Senior Analyst for a discussion of the opportunities – and challenges – of locally targeted mobile advertising today.

Author will provide findings on consumer preferences for localized advertising as well as performance data comparing local-mobile ads to national ads. He’ll also present a recent case study comparing ad performance across five mobile ad networks.

xAd’s Monica Ho will talk about the opportunities and challenges of location targeting .She’ll also present the 5 mobile marketing best practices that every marketer / agency should know in order to drive true performance out of mobile advertising.